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Empowering women to live in harmony with our bodies and understand the wisdom placed within us by our Creator.


Welcome to The Moonletter! In this space, you can expect to be informed about topics and issues regarding the Feminine Energy Cycle and the Female Body in a way that points to Christ as Author and Creator. I hope these conversations do not end here, but spark conversations within your own daily community.

We will hear from guest writers who know much more about important topics than I do. Send your questions our way and they will either be included in Q&A at the end of some editions or they might even inspire a whole month’s topic.

Since the Moonletter started in 2019, we’ve covered:

  • Cycle Syncing & Charting
  • Embodiment & the Incarnation
  • Food & Exercise for Cycle Syncing
  • Rethinking How We Talk about Periods
  • A Deep Dive into each Hormone in the Cycle
  • Why is it important to educate on Feminine Energy?
  • Birth Control (Hint: You have options!)
  • First Period Stories
  • Holy Week Meditation
  • Pelvic Health

When you subscribe you can expect to learn about topics similar to these and so much more. You will become a part of a community committed to learning the language of our bodies for the glory of our Creator.

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