About The Moonletter

If you’re tired of feeling victimized by your period and want to join other women who are learning the language of their body, then I’m so glad you’re here. Join us in a conversation that informs and empowers women to live in harmony with their bodies and connect to the powerful wisdom placed within them by our Creator.

Until 2016 and the age of 24, all I knew about my menstrual cycle was that it was annoying and hurt a lot. I didn’t know that my body goes through not one, but FOUR cycles of hormone flow every month. I didn’t know that my body has the ability to tell me the exact *day* of the month I can get pregnant. 

I had no idea the complex flow of hormones that were supporting me every month. That is until a friend started sharing what she and her fiance were learning about the Fertility Awareness Method of birth control. The more I talked about what I was learning, the more I realized that women don’t know this stuff. Women of all ages have no idea what is going on in their bodies so I started this newsletter and shortly after, an Instagram account to share what I was learning with anyone who would listen. 

I’m Sara, the lover of conversation behind The Moonletter! Please reach out anytime with questions or to engage more about a topic we’ve discussed in the newsletter. I also love to collaborate with like-minded individuals. Don’t hesitate to reach out to see if we could work together on further educating women on their bodies and giving glory to God in it all.

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